Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva

72:38 is a good proportion for happiness, what do you think? This is how Gere’s age and his beloved beauty Alejandra Silva look at the moment according to the passport.

He found her on the third try. They have two children, the youngest of whom they gave birth to … last year! Gere, you are hero! *THUMBS UP*

As Alejandra recalls in an interview: “A friend introduced us, and at that moment Richard and I felt an incredible connection. It was amazing: we looked at each other all night, as if we could not see enough. Since then, nothing has changed — we still love each other so much and are very close. »

And Gere admitted that having met Silva, he «finally found the quiet and happy life that he always dreamed of.»

Well, friends, you and I, of course, believe them, but we will check. =)

Let’s start with the synastry.

  • Gere is looking for a socially active lady who loves social events, going out and traveling, but not without compassion. This is indicated by Venus in Libra in conjunction with Neptune and the Moon in Sagittarius.
  • The Aquarius Sun and the fiery Moon in Aries of his girlfriend create the very fiery-airy active and sociable mix that he needs. Sextile of the Sun with Neptune adds sacrifice to her, the desire to help and the elevation of nature.
  • Alejandra is determined to search for an empathic-emotional-sensual esthete (Mars in Pisces in conjunction with Venus) and an independent philanthropist — the Sun in Aquarius in aspect with Neptune.
  • Gere with his aquatic sensitive Mars in Cancer and Venus conjunct Neptune is sensual, caring, emotional, romantic and sublime in love. Well, his Sun in aspect with Uranus adds originality and independence to him.

How do their planets interact? They interact beautifully:

  • Trine Mercury — everything is great with communication, there are always topics of conversation, plus they speak the same language.
  • Trine of Mars — can do something together in a coordinated manner. From work to … in general, the same, coordinated style in actions, movements …. ;)
  • Her Venus-Mars conjunction trine his Mars — is a very romantic and hot pairing. His a little boring and overly serious pair of Sun-Saturn in Virgo, she perfectly «shakes» with her conjunction Uranus-Jupiter. I think he has more fun with her than alone — at least. As a maximum, she is able to give him a huge charge of taste for life and optimism.

What will another technique for assessing compatibility — composite say?

There is a love stellium. — Super. Saturn makes major aspects to Venus, Sun, Mercury — a big fat plus to the duration of the relationship. But when there is a lot of Saturn, it is desirable to dilute it with Jupiter. Otherwise, there will be love-work. There is also Jupiter — it is in conjunction with Venus and in a wide trine to Mars. Fine. A strong composite and synastry is the key to a long and happy relationship.

Well, we believe you guys, we believe. =)

And we wish you happiness!

Who else to see?

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